jeremiah he was jaded
from everything he’d seen
although he was allowed to race
he was never allowed to win
his role was somewhat cloudy
it fell under the term of support
it didn’t take very long for jeremiah
to become a jaded horse

he was hard to saddle when he was young
he had a tendency to buck
and sometimes during practice
he’d walk when he had enough
someone came to the conclusion
he was a bad influence on the track
so someone got the bright idea
of having him beaten back

but there were those who saw potential
whenever he hit the deck
even though he looked different
than what you might expect
so if you’re a betting man
you might bet jeremiah to place
even if that horse don’t win
it’ll be one hell of a race

words and music by jake kelly
© 2004 jake kelly
all rights reserved: don't tread on me


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