somewhere there's a honky tonk

somewhere there’s a bar
where only lovers go
there’s two chairs at every table
and the light are turned down low
as soon as you walk in
you can tell loves in the air
and there’s a seat reserved for me
but you won’t find me there


‘cause somewhere there’s a honky tonk
with my name on it
you come as you are
no one gives a shit
the beer is priced to move
and the band plays real loud
they mix them real strong
and it’s where you’ll find me now

there are folks i know
who prefer this high-brow place
they’re sipping fancy cocktails
at the end of the money chase
the walls are dark-stained wood
and there’s leather high-back chairs
they’re smoking big cigars
but you won’t find me there


and the beer…

words and music by jake kelly
© 2004 jake kelly
all rights reserved: don't tread on me



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