starting tomorrow

starting tomorrow things are going to change
i’m going to take my friends’ advice
i’m finally gonna break love’s chains
and get on with my life
gonna pack up your things
gonna box up your books
so i don’t have to see you everywhere i look

starting tomorrow when i go to bed
i won’t be afraid i’ll dream
i won’t have visions of you in my head
with flowers and fields of green
and when the sun rises
i’ll be rising too
and i won’t even know i was missing you

strating tomorrow when i go to work
i’ll take the interstate into town
i won’t see your house
i won’t feel the hurt
won’t see the bars that we burned down
gonna clock in early
just because i can
and everyone will say that i’m a changed man

but tonight
i’ll pretend i still have you
and the lips i kiss will taste the same
as yours used to do
and i’ll feel the love you felt for me
back in our early days
and i’ll say all those words
i know i didn’t say

starting tomorrow
starting tomorrow

words and music by jake kelly
© 2005 jake kelly
all rights reserved: so we're cool


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