the ruse

your car won’t start when you leave at night
or your brakes go out when the road's covered with ice
you ask yourself why is this happening to me
the car was just in the shop how could this be


well maybe you're feeling used
and maybe you feel confused
and maybe you’re feeling more
than a little abused
it’s a game
it’s the ruse

you go to work and sit at your desk
but nothing’s the same as when you left
you get the feeling like you’re being watched
you’re told your paranoid but you know you’re not



you’re not a king
but your not a pawn
play the game
don’t be strung along
now you know
so now you can choose
what your role will be
in the ruse


it’s a game

words and music by jake kelly
© 2004 jake kelly
all rights reserved: don't tread on me




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