you know who you are

don’t think that i don’t know
what you’ve been saying behind my back
you’re spouting off opinion
just as if it was fact
you’re out there judging
forgetting least ye be judged
what i’d ever do to you
to make you hold this grudge

you must be happy
‘cause you’ve really made the scene
and now you sit there smiling
like you haven’t done a thing
you ask me what is wrong
i wonder can you be that dense
you want to meddle in my life
and suffer no consequence


you know who you are
and you’re pushing me too far
don’t play dumb with me
you know who you are

i hope someday there’s a way
that i can pay you back
but the again i don’t think I will
‘cause that’s not where it’s at
i’m sure there are others
whom you’ve messed with their affairs
so while i don’t take revenge
they still might take theirs


so don’t play dumb with me
i know who you are

words and music by jake kelly
© 2004 jake kelly
all rights reserved: don't tread on me


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